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「TASM」 Glass Heart Hymn ;
Editor: Artoriious/amazingarachnid
Footage: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

that moment in ur video-edit when u hit the part of the song you wanted to edit to all along


google+ is basically killing google from the roots, and apparently they feel the need to take youtube down with it.

they started by removing backgrounds/colors/customization and putting in a horribly minimalistic layout similar to g+, they removed bulletins and other features meant to allow users to contact their fans, they don’t allow viewing or posting comments without g+, they added “creator studio” which requires way more clicks for users to see their own content and comments as opposed to the one it used to be, and now there’s no inbox/functional messaging system, we have to message yt users through g+. really. how are people supposed to go about business inquiries?

everything they change is confusing and requires more clicks than it used to and going through google+, yet they claim the changes are supposed to be better? no one is happy with your youtube reign, google. please stop for a second and listen to your users because once you get solid competition for a video-hosting website, you’re gonna be done, because your partners are NOT happy… in addition, you can’t say you have 300mil g+ users anymore if people aren’t using youtube and the other products of yours you require to go through google+.

Dragon Age: Origins Survey


I’m curious to see what everyone prefers!

  • Favorite origin: city elf
  • Favorite class: rogue
  • Favorite party (3 characters): alistair, shale, wynn
  • Favorite romance: alistair (y’all shut up ok he’s sweet)
  • Templars or Mages (Broken Circle): mages
  • Defied Cult or Sided with Cult (The Urn of Sacred Ashes): defied
  • Werewolves or Elves (Nature of the Beast): both
  • Bhelen or Harrowmont: harrowmont
  • Preserved Anvil or Destroyed Anvil: destroyed
  • Anora as Queen or Alistair as King (Landsmeet): king alistair
  • Morrigan’s Dark Ritual yes or no: yes
  • Favorite ending: basically where everyone is happy bc i did all their friendship quests and I got all their approval up to 100 bc that’s the only way I’ll be able to sleep at night
  • Vigil’s Keep or Amaranthine: vigil’s keep
  • Let Architect live yes or no: nah

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sometimes i forget that i’ll have to pay for internet in the future


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